Jotis Lee - Basileus

Sigma Chi Chi Chapter of Chi Eta Phi Sorority was chartered spring of 2016 by eighteen nurses who were each unique but together became a symbol of strength and support for one another. The journey to sisterhood is worth the work and because of our willingness to sacrifice, we have developed a bond that is even more vibrant today. Each year Sigma Chi Chi continues to embrace new members, because of the chapters continued believe in the power of the sorority experience.

As a Chapter, we are intentional about cultivating, educating and empowering each other as we work together in the community. Our Inaugural line was full of tenacious leaders whom were confidence and determined to continue the vision of Sigma Chi Chi Chapter and the mission of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated. It is the belief of Sigma Chi Chi that women who are empowered, empower the community. Sigma Chi Chi has embraced the true meaning of sisterhood and has successfully conducted a Fall intake each year since chartering.

Community Service is continues to be its own reward and we are honored to serve and give back to those who are often overlooked or forgotten. Sigma Chi Chi continues to partner with Better Community Development and provide monthly health education to both the inpatient and outpatient candidates. The partnership was developed in 2017 and has also allowed us to perform screenings and if indicated make referrals for treatment. BCD administrative boards of directors are advocates for their participants to learn disease prevention and how to promote healthy lifestyles for their clients.

Sigma Chi Chi Chapter provides mentorship to nursing students who are referred to the chapter by nursing instructors, family members, and chapter members. The Chapter has an annual scholarship Gala where nursing scholarships are provided to nursing students. African American nursing students in underserved communities, often rural areas, face a multitude of obstacles that make it hard to get access to the same school resources that other students have access to. One benefit of our nurse mentoring program is the ability to provide help to students in this category by way of mentorship, and hopefully they will return to their communities to help address the health disparities. The barriers for some students are in the form of economic, social, racial, ethnic, geographic factors. Sigma Chi Chi Chapter has members who can identify with these students from personal experience and provide the students with encouragement, structure and support that is more personal when provided from nurse to nursing student.

Sigma Chi Chi Chapter, Bryant, Arkansas, received the inaugural Annie Abrams Community Service Award at the tenth annual Women of Excellence Awards and Faith Scholarship Banquet. This award is presented by Sister Friends United (SFU) Incorporated which was started in Arkansas on October 3, 2007 by founder Rhonda Aaron. The purpose of creating SFU was to connect women through sisterhood and help make a difference in the community. May God continue to bless and keep each engaged and empowered in Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Incorporated as we embrace the Journey of Sisterhood in Sigma Chi Chi Chapter, Bryant AR.