The mission of the MiddleSouth Region of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. is to provide service for humanity, elevate the plane of nursing and to increase interest in the nursing profession.


The vision of the MiddleSouth Region of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. will be a regional and national recognized leader in the provision of health, education, leadership, development and service to the community.


  • To work for uniformity of purpose within Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.
  • To closely correlate the functions of the local chapters in the region to the national guidelines.
  • To discuss, support and implement activities pertaining to the national program.
  • To be a resource for assisting in the development of graduate and undergraduate chapter in the organized areas of the MiddleSouth Region.
  • To strengthen the socialization process among the chapters in the region.

The Middlesouth Region was organized April 30, 1965. The first regional meeting was held on that date at the Houstonaire Motor Hotel in Houston, Texas. Soror Mary Lois Watkins was the first elected Regional Director after formal organization of the region.

Soror Mary E. Walton served as Regional Director prior to the region being formally organized. She was a member of Upsilon Chapter-­Dallas, Texas Although it is inactive, it was the first chapter to be chartered in the MiddleSouth Region. One other chapter, Epsilon Chi in San Antonio Texas survived briefly and became inactive.

Graduate ChapterLocationDate Established
Zeta ChiHouston, TX11/29/1963
Rho ChiNew Orleans, LA05/29/1971
Theta EtaSan Antonio, TX12/08/1984
Lambda EtaDallas/Ft. Worth, TX10/11/1986
Upsilon EtaOklahoma City, OK01/26/1991
Xi PhiDallas, TX05/06/1995
Sigma PhiWaco, TX09/12/1998
Psi PhiBaton Rouge, LA08/02/2002
Gamma Chi ChiNacodochges, TX11/03/2007
Eta Chi ChiFort Polk (Leesville), TX03/24/2012
Mu Chi ChiPine Bluff, AR09/10/2015
Pi Chi ChiLittle Rock, AR02/20/2016
Sigma Chi ChiBryant, AR02/02/2016
Tau Chi ChiZachary, LA05/14/2016

Undergraduate ChapterLocationDate Established
Zeta Chi BetaHouston, TX05/20/1972
Rho Chi BetaNew Orleans, LA04/04/1974
Lambda Eta BetaDallas/Ft. Worth, TX12/18/1993
Psi Phi BetaBaton Rouge, LA08/02/2002
Xi Phi BetaDallas, TX11/07/2009

The history of the MiddleSouth Region lives on as our regional expansion committee continues to carry out projects aimed at the creation and formation of new chapters. The Regional Directors are committed to giving active supportive assistance while developing and establishing new chapters.