Ashley Williams - Basileus

On October 16, 1932, one founder and eleven jewels who were dedicated registered nurses on the campus of Freedman's Hospital in Washington, D.C., were armed with a vision of sisterhood and service.  Their vision included encouraging the pursuit of continuing education, having a continuous recruitment program, stimulating close and friendly relationships among themselves, developing working relationships with other professional groups for the improvement and delivery of health care services and to constantly identify a corps of nursing leaders within the membership whom will function as agents of social change on the national, regional and local level.  Today, these purposes remain key in maintaining the integrity of our organization.
As we continue in the vision of our national programs and projects that are overall geared toward disease prevention and health promotion, it is important to remember that it is critical to our survival and allows us to enrich the quality of life for our citizens in a global community. Leadership development is also extremely important to our survival and forward movement.
What began as merely a vision shared by these women has now become one of the largest African-American Nursing Organizations with over 8,000 members around the world.  Chi Eta Phi continues to provide "Service for Humanity" by carrying on the vision of the courageous women who started this prestigious organization.
We, in the Psi Phi chapter will continue to dedicate our talents and resources to remain congruent with our current sorority theme, "Committed and Empowered to Provide Community Service in a Global Society."