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Michelle R. Mandy, RN,
Theta Eta Chapter Inc.
of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.
P.O.Box 33455
San Antonio, TX 78265

Greetings from Theta Eta Chapter, Inc.
Welcome to the official website of Theta Eta Chapter, Inc. of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. located in the Alamo City-San Antonio, Texas. I am Michelle Mandy, and it is my pleasure to serve as Basileus of this prestigious chapter. Our Motto is “Service for Humanity”. I hope you will find our website to be both informative and enlightening.

Who We Are
Theta Eta Chapter, Inc. was founded on December 8, 1984 organized by Carol Butler, RN with the assistance of 11 other motivated registered nurses; Shiela Thomas Clayburn, Charla Hutchens, Margaret King, Kathleen Lindo, Patricia Osborn, Rosie Palmore, Vivian Pankey, Sharlene Prescott, Elizabeth Scott, Rochelle Staten, Wanda Sykes. Our chapter theme: “Committed to teamwork and community services, that’s how we roll!”

Chi Eta Phi (ΧΗΦ) Sorority, Inc. is an international nonprofit professional association for registered professional nurses and student nurses (male and female) representing many cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds. The organization was chartered on October 16, 1932 at Freedmen's Hospital, now Howard University Hospital, in Washington, DC.  The Sorority has more than 8000 members. There are over 81 graduate chapters and 39 undergraduate chapters located in 26 US states, the District of Columbia, Saint Thomas, and Monrovia, Liberia.

In creating Chi Eta Phi, our founders were concerned about the restrictions in employment of black nurses to segregated facilities and to positions where there was little or no chance of advancement. Their specific purpose was to elevate the plane of nursing and increase interest in the field of nursing. Organized by Aliene C. Ewell, RN with the assistance of 11 other courage’s registered nurses who paved the way: Henrietta Smith Chisholm, Mildred Wood Lucas, Lillian Moseley Boswell, Katherine Chandler Turner, Susan Elizabeth Freeman, Bessie Foster Cephas, Clara Belle Royster, Clara E. Beverly, Ruth Garrett, Glady Louise Catchings, and Olivia Larkins Howard.

Our Mission
Encouragement of the pursuit of continuing education
Recruitment programs for health careers
Stimulation of close and friendly relationship among members
Development of working relationship with other professional groups
Identification of a core nursing leaders who affect social changes at national, regional, and local levels.

Our Vision
Chi Eta Phi Sorority, incorporated in is an international recognized leader in the provision of health education, leadership development, and serving the community.

Our Values
Diversity in membership and in our programs
Supporting excellence in member’s work for the organization
Integrity, accountability, and honesty in all levels of leadership
Effective communication and professional behavior
Recognitions for high quality and excellent work
Chi Eta Phi stands for character, education, and friendship. This sorority functions to develop these qualities in each of its members.

Any questions or information about joining out chapter please contact us at

Thank you for visiting
Michelle R. Mandy



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